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Emergency light review: Pegion dhruv shine 2 in 1

 Two in one emergency light Emergency light is a very useful item of every household, because load shedding is still not very rare in our country. In time of load shedding an emergency light can save your evening if you have a student in the family or if your dinner is not ready. Today I'll tell you about a low cost but high performance emergency light. This light works as a table lamp as well as a hand held torch. The light is from a famous manufacturer, Pegion. I'm telling about Pegion dhruv shine two in one emergency light.  Performance If you need a table lamp for study and a torch for occasional use, then this emergency light is for you. This lamp's 1200 mAh battery gives more than 5 hours of usage time when used as a table lamp. The torch is powerful enough for walking on dark roads or in night outs. Torch mode gives longer power back up. Table lamp mode also gives bright light.  Charging Charging is very easy. The lamp gets charged with a micro USB charger. Any smart

Hair Oil Review: Kesh Upasham

Real Onion Hair Oil: Kesh Upasham  Are you tired of hair loss? And looking for a hair oil which can save your hair? If yes, then It's the time to choose a real onion hair oil. Today I'm going to reveal the name of an onion hair oil which contains 22 genuine Ayurvedic ingredients including onion and Bhringraj oil extract. The oil also contains Hibiscus oil, Almond oil, Fenugreek oil, Curry leaves oil, Aloe vera oil, Amla oil, Lavender oil, Apricot oil, Lemon oil, Basil oil, Black seed oil, Castor oil, Tea tree oil, Olive oil, Peppermint oil, Thyme oil, Rosemary oil, Sesame oil, Coconut oil and Sunflower oil. The oil is manufactured by Bajaj Ayurvedics and distributed by Arinjay Enterprise.  Quality and effectiveness of the oil I used several Onion hair oils for controlling my hair loss, but nothing did work. Finally I found this and got the desired result. The quality of the oil is really amazing. It has not only reduced my hair loss, my hair loss literally stopped after using t