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Laptop table review | Bed table review

 Ofixo multipurpose laptop table/study table/bed table review Having a multipurpose laptop table makes a lot of things easy, especially when you want to work or study on your bed. Today I am going to share my experience with a laptop table which I am using for more than one year. The brand name is Ofixo. The brand sales office accessories and various tools. Now we are going to tell about the actual product.  Type and portability The type of the table is foldable. It has two legs, which can be folded. This makes the table easily portable. It's lightweight. Total weight of the table is 380 gm. Strength and weight bearing  This table is strong enough for carrying your laptop. The table can bear 10-15 Kgs of weight without any problem. However you should not lean on the table while studying with your full weight. The table also doesn't shake when you are working. Durability  I have been using the table for more than one year. The material is really durable. There is no visible dama

Earphone review: boAt Rockerz 330 Bluetooth Wireless in Ear Earphones

 Boat Rockerz 330 review  Buying proper earphones is sometimes not very easy. So it's a good idea to go through a few reviews before buying one.  I am using boat rockerz 330 in ear Bluetooth earphone for more than three months now. My experience with this earphone is over all good. The earphones don't slip down from the ears. It's easy to use. Touch on the neck is soft and soothing. Wires are durable. I didn't face any problem whatsoever in the last three months.  Battery  Battery is a matter of great concern when we are talking about a wireless bluetooth device. Battery of the Boat rockerz 330 is very reliable. It gives me more than 8 hours of use time in one full charge. The headphones is charged through a type C cable. So be sure to have C type charging cable before buying this.  You can check price of the headphones on Amazon  from this link . You can buy Realme buds also from this link . Alternative earphone An alternative to rockerz 330 is Rockerz 375. This is als

Milton Copperas 1000 Copper Bottle review

 Copper water bottle review  You may have heard that keeping drinking water in a copper bottle is greatly beneficial for your health. Here we are going to know about one of the popular copper bottles available in the market: Milton copperas 1000.  Capacity  Capacity of this bottle is 920 ml.  Build quality  As you know copper is not very hard, this bottle also is not so hard. You must handle this bottle with care. Otherwise the bottle may have dents.  Look The bottle looks very elegant and beautiful.  Leakage and capping The cap of this bottle is not very easy to put. You have clean the cap threads regularly to keep the cap smooth. However the cap is leakage-proof if tightened properly.  Does it work like a flask No, this bottle doesn't work like a flask. It will keep the water always in room temperature. So you will get cold water in the winter and warm water in the summer. To Buy or Not to Buy? If you want to use a copper bottle for health benefits, you may go for this. You can b

Tata Altroz XM+ Petrol owner review after 2 thousand KM

 Altroz owner review after 2 months If you are looking for a real owner review of Tata Altroz, then you are on the right page. I am Ananya Pathak from West Bengal and I'm driving a white Tata Altroz XM plus variant from 31st of January 2022. In this article I am going to discuss everything I experienced with the car. I'm going to disclose every single detail which you might want to know before taking any decision about buying this car. The variant First of all I'll discuss the features you get in the XM+ Petrol variant of Altroz. It's the third model from the base. In this variant you get all power windows, four speakers, 16 inch tyres, electrically adjustable ORVM, wheel covers and 7 inch touch screen infotainment system. But you don't get cruise control, alloy wheel, fog lamp, rear wiper, rear defogger, automatic climate control, ambient light etc. You have to pay for a higher variant to avail these features. But I will suggest not to go for a higher variant if bu