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Tata Altroz XM+ Petrol owner review after 2 thousand KM

 Altroz owner review after 2 months

If you are looking for a real owner review of Tata Altroz, then you are on the right page. I am Ananya Pathak from West Bengal and I'm driving a white Tata Altroz XM plus variant from 31st of January 2022. In this article I am going to discuss everything I experienced with the car. I'm going to disclose every single detail which you might want to know before taking any decision about buying this car.

The variant

First of all I'll discuss the features you get in the XM+ Petrol variant of Altroz. It's the third model from the base. In this variant you get all power windows, four speakers, 16 inch tyres, electrically adjustable ORVM, wheel covers and 7 inch touch screen infotainment system. But you don't get cruise control, alloy wheel, fog lamp, rear wiper, rear defogger, automatic climate control, ambient light etc. You have to pay for a higher variant to avail these features. But I will suggest not to go for a higher variant if budget does at all matters to you.


At first I'll tell you the postive sides of this car. 

Safety and built quality

As you know Tata Altroz is the safest hatchback of India right now. This car has braught an impressive five star rating in the crash test conducted by the GNCAP.  So, you and your family will always be traveling in a safer car if you decide to buy an Altroz. You will feel the built quality and heaviness of the car while driving. It's a car with a heavy body with a lot of extra steel in it. Because of it's weight the car never floats on the road while running at a high speed.


At first I affirm yoy that I am quite an experienced driver. I have driven various cars including SUVs and Vans for ten years. After driving at least four cars (and at least one lakh KM) I can say that Drivability of this car is excellent. Steering wheel is very smooth. Having 16 inch tyres this car grips the road very tightly. Stability of the car is awesome on even high speed.


  Altroz is a  comfortable car with a spacious interior. Rear seat is a big one. Leg room for both front a rear seats are more than enough. Head room is also more than enough for persons shorter than six feets. Seats are also very comfortable. Doors of this car open in 90° angle, which is a great advantage for older people when the get into or get out of the car.



Now I would tell you a few negative words about Tata Altroz. First of all I'll say that this car slightly lacks in initial pickup, which, I think, is because of the extra weight of the car. 


Apart from this I have felt a minor vibration of the engine from the cabin while idling with the AC on for the first two minutes,  which, I think, is not a big deal. 

3 cylinder engine

Tata Altroz has a 3 cylinder engine. So you can't expect refinement like Hyundai or Suzuki engines. Though you may rest assured that you don't get any irritating noise from inside the car while driving.

Is ground clearance not enough in Altroz?

Ground clearance of Altroz (165 mm) is a Matter of concern only if you are going to drive this car on extremely bad roads. Ground clearance of Altroz is enough for normal Indian rural and urban roads.

Milage of Tata Altroz Petrol

Tata Altroz Petrol manual transmission will give you 17-18 kmpl in the highways and 14-15 kmpl in the cities. Depending on your driving habits figures may change. I have experienced 15 kmpl to 22 kmpl in different conditions. I'll say that the mileage of this car is decent.

Final verdict

In my opinion, if you want a safe and comfortable car for your family or for daily commutation under 8 lakhs, you must go for 
The TATA Altroz XM plus petrol variant. But if you want a car to drag on the roads, then you should go for another car, probably Baleno or i20.


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