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Trimmer review: Philips QT 3310

 Philips QT 3310 Trimmer Experience Buying a trimmer is not an easy job. Because a bad trimmer can bring in a lot of pain for you. About a year ago I baught a trimmer from Philips. I'll share my experience of using this trimmer for more than a year. Length adjustment This trimmer has a very nice length adjustment roller, as you can see in the picture (The green roller). You can roll this and get beard length from 1mm to 10mm.  Where can it be used This trimmer is not suitable for hair trimming. It's basically a beard trimmer. So you'll be hopeless if try to cut or tream your hair with it. The comb supplied with the trimmer is also for beard only. Ease of use The trimmer is small in size as you can see in the picture. You can grab it very easily. It's very comfortable to use without comb. But be careful while using without the comb, because it can give you minor injury on your skin if used without the comb, especially on the places with loose skin. Using with comb is a b

Leather bag review: Rolando Amani Women's Cross-body Leather bag

 Rolando Amani Women's Leather Bag Buying a leather product online is really tough decision. Because you never know whether they are going to cheat you or not on the material. So, in this article I am going to share a real user's experience with you.  Is it original leather? This is the million dollar question. So I would like to address this question at the very beginning of this article. My answer is "yes, it is real leather". When the bag arrived, I opened the wrapper and tried to feel the touch of the bag. I touched various parts of the bag. The touch itself says that it's genuine leather. You can also smell the inside of the bag, you will get that leathery smell. So, be assured and now you can read the full review. However, there is no shortcut method of testing original leather. You have to know it only by using, which i did. Size and capacity This bag is pretty big in size as compared to other similar bags for women. It can easily hold a file along with all

Power Bank review: Boat Energyshroom PB 09

 Experience of using Boat Energyshroom PB 09 for 10 days In this article I'll share my experience of using Boat Energyshroom PB 09 power bank. A few days ago, it was loadshedding at my home and my two phones were at the verge of getting power off. I just started my bike and went out to search for a shop wher I could get a power bank. I suddenly came across a new showroom of boat. I just stopped and stepped into the showroom and asked if I could get a power bank. Frankly speaking, I was quite surprised to hear that 'yes sir'. Yes, boat is basically a brand which deals in sound systems. But they have a series of power bank also to offer. I just bought it and came home.  Power back up A power bank is as good as it's power back up capacity. Boat Energyshroom PB 09 has a capacity of 10,000 mAh. It means it should give two full charge to a 5000 mAh battery. Is it so? No, it's not that simple. Actually a 10,000 mAh power bank can't give output of 10,000 mAh. The actual

Boat Rockerz 235v2 with ASAP charging Version 5.0 Bluetooth Headphone review

 Real experience based review of Boat Rockerz 235v2 In this article I am going to share my experience of using boat Rockerz 235v2 headphones. I got this headphones as a gift from my students on the Teachers' day, 2020. As of now, I don't use this, because one of the speakers has gone out of order and now I don't need a bluetooth headphone either. But in this article I am going to share the experience I had with the product. Sound quality Sound quality of the headphone is very nice compared to it's price. I enjoyed clear digital sound with it. Every small bit of sound could be audible with this headphone while listening to a song or music. Comfort of using Boat Rockerz is very comfortable to use. It is light weight. The feeling on the neck is soft and not itchy. Control buttons are large enough to find out without looking at them. Buttons are not too much sensitive. A clear click could be felt while pressing the buttons. It was a nice experience to press the buttons with

One by wacom pen tab review

 What is a pen tab A pen tab is a an input device for a computer (desktop or laptop). With the help of a pen tab you can draw, write and create document according to your needs. A pen tab can be used as an alternative of the mouse also. It consists of two parts, one tab and one pen. The tab is touch sensitive to the pen tip. I use this device to teach my students online. You can use it for many other purposes. One by wacom Wacom is one of the best brands of pen tab. One by Wacom is a very popular and affordable pen tab available in the market. This brand has various models of pen tabs under this name. I am using the model number CTL 472, which is quite affordable in price than the other few models. I am not going to describe technical details of the tab. My aim is to share my user experience of this tab, so that you can take a decision of buying or not buying based on a real user experience. I am using this pen tab for quite a few days now. I found this tab very easy to use. Though for